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At ROYCE Dental Surgery, we offer a range of comprehensive dental services to the patients. From basic dentistry treatment to specialist treatment, we strive to be a one-stop dental centre for the community.

Root Canal Therapy

The root canal is a space within the root of the tooth. It consists of the pulp which contain nerve fibres and blood vessels that nourish the tooth.

Root canals can become infected when the decay reaches the pulp, due to cracks or can be due to gum disease. This can lead to severe tooth ache from the damaged tooth and or around the area.

Root canal treatment (endodontic treatment) involves the removal of infected or damaged pulp tissue after which the canals can be filled and sealed.

Root canal treated teeth are more brittle than normal healthy teeth, therefore they are more prone to fractures. It is recommended to have a crown on the root canal treated tooth to protect the tooth from fracturing.

Laser Dentistry

Laser dentistry has been at the forefront of the latest technology developed for better treatment outcome. Our clinic is equipped with KaVo Key Laser. The laser can be used for both in simple excision/removal of soft tissue lesions to complicated conditioning of tissue for implant, post surgery or even tooth structure.

With the help of laser, the healing of the wound improves and there is less discomfort after dental procedures or surgery.


Orthodontic treatment is used to align teeth into position. It can be done for children and adults who would like to improve their teeth alignment. The treatment duration ranges from 1.5 years to 2 years depending on the complexity of the treatment.

1. Metal braces
Small metal brackets are attached onto each tooth with a wire running through the brackets to help to move the teeth into their ideal position.

2. Ceramic braces
Ceramic braces are more aesthetically pleasing with the use of tooth-colored brackets. They work in the same way as metal braces, but are less obvious due to their ceramic appearance.


Invisalign has helped millions around the world to achieve a better smile. It uses a series of clear aligners to move the teeth into position. There will be minimal attachments placed on the teeth and no metal wires are involved. They can be removed thereby making it easy to clean your teeth.

Wisdom Tooth Surgery

The adult third molar, also known as the wisdom tooth, can start to erupt beyond 18 years old. We can have up to four wisdom teeth, two in the upper jaw and two in the lower jaw. Very often the wisdom tooth is impacted against the second molar in front of it.

This can often cause food impaction around the area which will lead to decay on the wisdom tooth or the neighboring tooth.

Another common problem is periodic gum swelling caused by the food trap. Gum swelling can become worse when the upper wisdom tooth bites down on the swollen lower gums.

It is advisable to remove wisdom teeth if they are impacted. Talk to our dentists today for a consultation on your wisdom tooth. Wisdom tooth operation at our clinics is fully claimable by CPF Medisave.


With the advancement of dental material technology, we are able to carry out various procedures to correct discolored, chipped and cracked teeth with ease through our Aesthetic Dentistry services.

Dental veneers can be made from composite or dental ceramics. Direct composite veneers using the latest ceramic filler composite restoration material allows us to give you the perfect smile in a single visit. We can also use ceramics to achieve the same beautiful result to mask discolored teeth or reshaping malformed teeth.


Dentures can replace missing teeth and can be utilized depending on your personal needs:

  • Dentures – These replace your missing teeth, upper and lower, and rest directly on your jaw. They require multiple appointments, allowing your dentist to take impressions of your mouth and fit the custom-made dentures for you comfortably. Together with your dentist, you’ll also choose the shape, color and size of the teeth used in your dentures.
  • Implant supported dentures – Implant supported dentures are preferred by edentulous patients who have difficulty eating with normal dentures. In this treatment, a special denture is held in place to the upper jaw or lower jaw by multiple implants fixed onto the jaw. This allows the dentures to be well fitted for optimum mastication and aesthetics. The dentures can still be removed to proper cleaning and maintenance by the patients.

The alignment of your jaw will slowly change as the bone and gum ridges shrink due to teeth extraction. Dentures will experience wear over time, and will need to be replaced or realigned in order to maintain proper jaw alignment. Regular dental examinations are still important for the denture wearer so that the oral tissues can be checked for any changes or potential gum disease.

Crown and Bridges
  • A dental crown is indicated for teeth that cannot be restored with a tooth filling. Due to a lack of retention of the dental filling, a crown is advised for long term restoration. Common materials used for dental crowns include metal, porcelain and zirconia. A crown is also indicated for root canal treated teeth. As a root canal treated tooth is essentially “dead” and brittle, the crown serves as a protection of the tooth and also to restore the functionality of the tooth.
  • Before dental implants were developed, dental bridges are used to replace lost teeth. With 1 or 2 missing teeth, the adjacent teeth beside the missing teeth are prepared to hold a dental bridge that usually consists of 3-4 units of crowns. A bridge basically consists of 3-4 units of crowns that are joined together. The bridge fills up the gap and helps to restore aesthetics and function.
Dental Implants

Dental implants are an increasingly popular way to replace missing teeth. They not only support crowns, bridges, and dentures, but they also take the place of the roots themselves.

Dental implants are fixtures of titanium, which are surgically placed into your jaw bone. The implant acts as an anchor for a crown or denture to fit over. When a crown is placed on an implant, most people can’t even tell it is an implant because it is so natural looking.
While dentures and removable partials are usually loose and unstable, implants provide you with dental replacements that are natural looking and very functional. Implants look and feel better than their removable counterparts and offer the same force for biting as fixed. Best of all, they will last a lifetime if properly maintained.

A dental implant requires no alterations to the adjacent teeth. Diligent daily oral hygiene is required for implants to stay clean and healthy. It’s also important to regularly visit Royce Dental for routine follow-up appointments and cleanings to keep your new smile healthy and bright!

General Dentistry

Prevention is the key against any disease. Dental decay and gum disease are prevalent causes of teeth loss. All these can be minimized through regular dental visits to our office to have your teeth checked by our team of dentists. We provide general dentistry services and we recommend a few simple procedures that can help to decrease the chance of disease occurring;

– Scaling and polishing involves removing calculus and stains. For those with more stubborn stains, our clinic is equipped with Prophyjet to help with the removal of stubborn stains.

– Fluoride gel is applied after scaling and polishing to prevent decay and to decrease post scaling sensitivity.

– Fissure sealants are an excellent prevention against pit and fissure decays especially for children while their dentition is changing.

– Dental fillings are required when decay is present in your teeth or when certain parts of your teeth are compromised. With the advancement in dental filling materials, most teeth can be restored with tooth colored materials to give the teeth a natural look.

X-Ray Facilities

Our clinics are all fully equipped with the latest digital X-ray facility. We use digital x-rays to achieve the best image quality available with the lowest radiation exposure. This allows us to have a more accurate diagnosis and treatment plan.

With the help of various computer softwares, we can further enhance the images as well as showing our patients the captured x-ray images immediately. Planning can also be done by the software to give our patients an instant visualization of the treatment plan.

Teeth Whitening

Teeth with various types of stains can be treated by teeth whitening. At Royce, we use a combination of in-office and take home whitening kits to help you achieve the beautiful smile you deserve.

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Why Teeth Whitening?

A white smile can be your secret weapon. It gives you a confidence boost whilst making your teeth sparkling and beautiful.

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Hello Everyone 👋

Are you a full-time student?

The good news is that full-time students enjoy $60 nett Scaling and Polishing.

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Hello Everyone 👋

Are you a full time student?

The good news is that full-time students enjoy $60 nett Scaling and Polishing.

Book your appointment today. 😁

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Pericoronitis (Inflammation Near Erupting Tooth)

Chronic symptoms include:
*dull pain
*mild discomfort
*bad taste in the mouth
*swollen gum in the affected area

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Hello Everyone 👋

Are you a full time student?

The good news is that full-time students enjoy $60 nett Scaling and Polishing.

Book your appointment today. 😁

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