Dr Abigail Lau

Dental Surgeon


Dr Abigail Lau graduated with a Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS) from the National University of Singapore and is a member of the Singapore Dental Association.
Prior to private practice, Dr Abigail served in the public health sector with the National Healthcare Group Polyclinic (NHGP), National University Centre of Oral Health (NUCOHS) and the School Dental Service (SDS). She has a wide range of experience practicing basic to advanced general dentistry and enjoys treating both the young and old.
With her gentle and patient demeanour, Dr Abigail strives to put every patient at ease, taking time to understand each patients’ concerns. She strongly believes in preventive care and considers patient education as key in their journey towards good oral health. Dr Abigail is also committed to continued upgrading of her skills, regularly attending courses and workshops in order to provide the best dental care.
In her free time, Dr Abigail loves whipping up new dishes in the kitchen for her family and friends to enjoy.