Dr Jeremy Chitty

Dental Surgeon


Dr Jeremy Chitty graduated with a Bachelor of Dental Science (Honours) from The University of Queensland. In his final year, Dr Jeremy was awarded the Queensland Government MNHHS Certificate of Recognition for his excellent clinical service in Brisbane’s public dental health sector, as well as the Colgate-UQ Undergraduate Research Prize for his and his team’s research in infant tongue-tie management.


During his time in Australia, Dr Jeremy practised in public dental clinics across Brisbane. This allowed him to work with patients from diverse backgrounds and provide a range of treatment tailored to each patient. His heart for service has also taken his dental work to the greater community, having served both locally and abroad in Battambang and Logan City with volunteer organisations.


To Dr Jeremy, dentistry is a profession for the people. He believes in placing his patients first, and enjoys bringing his gentleness and cheerfulness to the clinic to make the patient experience all the more comfortable; when integrated with his keen attention to detail, he distinguishes himself with the quality patient-centred care he provides.


Dr Jeremy has interest in cosmetic dentistry and root canal therapy. Nevertheless he personally enjoys continuously upgrading himself across all fields; even occasionally flying overseas to do so.


Beyond the clinic, he particularly enjoys travelling and hiking amidst nature, and immersing himself in various art and craft projects.

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