About Royce Kids

At Royce Kids, we strive to make every dental visit, a pleasant experience for our patients, while ensuring that a thorough examination and consultation is done.
Our kids-friendly dentists are focused on providing dental care to children, from birth onwards.
Paediatric dentists spend extra years specializing in the treatment of a child’s jaws and teeth and on managing a child’s behaviour during dental visits. They work very closely with parents, to guide children’s dental growth and development, treat dental issues, and to help them avoid future dental problems.

When should I bring my kid to their first dental checkup?

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends that all children should have their first dental visit at no later than one year of age.
We encourage parents to bring their child for their first dental checkup before any major dental treatment is needed. This will eliminate any negative association when visiting the dentist.
During the check, our kids-friendly dentists will do a full examination of your child’s dental development, soft tissue development (tongue ties and lip ties) and oral hygiene. During the visit, our dentist will provide advice to prevent decay and demonstrate the proper tooth brushing technique.
Our dental team is professionally trained to assist parents and their children during the first dental checkup, in ensuring a smooth and comfortable experience for both parent and child.

Our Services

At Royce Kids, we provide a wide range of dental services for your children.

  1. First Dental Assessment (from newborn onwards)
  2. Assessment and treatment (release) of lip and tongue ties
  3. Treatment of Decayed Teeth (including fillings, extractions, pulp treatment and root canal treatment)
  4. Treatment of Dental Anomalies
  5. Treatment of Dental Infections
  6. Management of Dental Injuries
  7. Oral Hygiene Education
  8. Decay Prevention including Polishing, Fissure Sealants and Fluoride Treatment
  9. Orthodontic Assessment including Assessment of Jaw Growth and Development
  10. Early Interceptive Orthodontics (including space maintainers, removable orthodontic appliances and fixed orthodontic appliances)
  11. Behaviour Management including Inhalation Sedation (laughing gas) and General Anaesthesia
  12. Dentistry for Special Needs Children

Our Paediatric Centre

Our clinic at Katong i12 Mall is our first Paediatric and Orthodontic centre. This centre is specially designed with parents and their children in mind.
We have a dedicated children waiting area in the clinic to keep them occupied while waiting for their appointment. This allow both parents and children to be at ease before seeing the dentist.
The treatment room is decked out with colourful decals and ceiling TV monitors that will keep your children happy and comfortable throughout their first dental visit.


All our clinics are approved healthcare institutions under the Baby Bonus Scheme. You would be able to use the funds from the Child Development Account (CDA) for your child’s dental treatments.

Please speak to our clinic staff to find out more.

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