Teeth whitening is a procedure where our teeth gets chemically whitened to achieve a more aesthetic smile. The 2 options of teeth whitening commonly offered are – chairside whitening and home whitening. Chairside whitening requires the patient to be on the dental chair for approximately an hour and home whitening can be done at the patient’s own convenience at home for about 1-2 weeks.


Chairside whitening will involve the following:

  • Isolation of teeth and application of protective gel on gums
  • Application of whitening gel on teeth
  • Activation of whitening gel using whitening light
  • The whitening gel is wiped off and reapplied every 15 mins for 3 times
  • Process takes about 1 hour 


Home whitening will involve the following:

  • Upper and lower dental impressions will be taken by the dentist
  • Whitening trays will be fabricated and issued to the patient 1 week later
  • The patient can then do the whitening process at home by applying the whitening gel into the whitening trays and wearing the trays for 1 hour daily for 1-2 weeks, depending on expectations