Royce Dental Group is equipped with multiple technologically advanced equipment to assist in providing quality dental procedures to our esteemed clients

3Shape Scanner

The 3Shape scanner is a 3-dimensional scanner that is capable of scanning digital impressions of teeth for treatment such as crowns and bridges. This sensitive scanner makes sure that impressions are well scanned in order for the best fit of crowns and bridges for the comfort of the patients.


The ITERO ELEMENT scanner is a 3-dimensional scanner that is widely known for capturing accurate digital impressions of teeth for Invisalign treatment. The ITERO ELEMENT can also be used to show patients their simulated result upon completion of Invisalign treatment. Similar to the 3shape Scanner, the ITERO ELEMENT scanner can also be used for precise digital impressions for dental prosthetic treatment such as crowns and bridges.

ADEC/SIRONA Dental Chairs

Reputable dental chairs such as ADEC and SIRONA are used due to the reliability and advanced features in these chairs. These chairs are equipped with electric motors with high specifications, allowing clinicians to carry out their work more efficiently, resulting in lesser chair time and more work done.


VATECH Cone Beam CT scans are used in Royce Dental Group for aiding in management of complex dental problems such as deeply impacted teeth and cystic growths.

CAD-CAM Miller

Coupled with our 3D scanners, CAD-CAM millers allows the almost instantaneous fabrication of crowns, bridges and inlays/onlays, allowing our patients the option of same-day treatment instead of having to wait till the next appointment

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