Dr Gan Ju-Ken

Dental Surgeon


Dr Gan Ju-Ken graduated from National University of Singapore, with a Bachelor of Dental Surgery.
Upon graduation, Dr Gan began honing his expertise in paediatric treatment and community dentistry, serving with Health Promotion Board, and National University Polyclinics as Dental Officer-in-charge. He is also trained in advanced general dentistry, having worked closely with specialists at the National University Centre for Oral Health.
Dr Gan strives to establish good rapport with his patients. He believes that each patient should receive the best possible care and stays up to date of best practices through local and overseas conferences and training programmes.
Away from work, Dr Gan is a talented classical guitarist, who has performed in the Guitar Orchestra during his secondary and junior college days. He also enjoys reconnecting with nature, while cycling or jogging. Whenever the opportunity arises, Dr Gan loves travelling to Japan for its seasonal scenery and culinary delights.